“Do not talk about body language.
Body itself is language.
Learn to observe it directly without analytical thought”

Former Director IIM Kozhikode and
Currently Professor of Organization Behavior, IIM Lucknow

Vision 2047

The premise of this title is that both future and past are integral to the path taken by an institution of excellence. Having a wide, far-seeing Vision is not an indulgence but an activity that is necessary to give meaning to our present, to give an institution a sense of purpose, direction and imagination. That is why we have chosen to think in terms of what an institution of excellence will be able to contribute to India and the World some three decades from now. To be precise, what will the institution, management education in general, and indeed the world, look like in 2047 – the year when the Indian nation completes a century? What are the capabilities we as an Institution – including our faculty and staff as well as our graduates-will need to develop in the next 30 years? The world is perennially in flux and there is no guarantee that the certainties of today’s corporate structure will hold then. We will need new ways of thinking, new skills, and a bold, positive imagination.

Yet in imagining the future, we must not lose our grasp on the past-the past that has made us what we are today. We are relatively young Institution, but have undertaken over the last 17 years a journey that has had its fair share of difficulties , joys, milestones and lessons learnt. It is our earnest hope that our experiences and Vision will be of inspirational value to managers and Institutions who wish to contribute to the future of India and the World.


  • "Chatterjee will make leaders think more deeply about what it is they actually do."

    Mrs Kim Campbell
    Mrs Kim CampbellFormer Prime Minister of Canada
  • “In Timeless Leadership Debashis Chatterjee returns to the leadership sutras of the Bhagavad Gita to explore the timeless principles of leadership that will enable modern-day leaders to discover the core of their leadership and sustain their effectiveness.”

    Bill George
    Bill GeorgeProfessor, Harvard Business School, former chief executive, Medtronic, and author of True North.
  • "Timeless Leadership provides a wide canvas for the young and emerging leaders to introspect, discover and chart out an effective leadership journey."

    Narayana N. R. Murthy
    Narayana N. R. MurthyChairman Emeritus, Infosys Technologies Limited
  • “Chatterjee’s leader is courageous but also humbled by the quest for profound self-knowledge that leads to truth and the ability to work with the devotion of ‘love made visible.’ Anyone seeking clarity about leadership’s ultimate foundation will embrace this book.”

    Dipak C JainDean, INSEAD

Some of the significant milestones of his contribution to education and literature are:

A. Pioneering the thrust for gender diversity in management institutions by admitting more than 50% women in the IIM Kozhikode’s MBA class. This has influenced all IIMs of India to enhance the enrolment of female students where the male female ratio was stagnating at 90:10 for over five decades.

B. Transforming an obscure IIM in a very challenging environment in Kozhikode, Kerala into an institution of national impact and a globally accredited school in a short span of five years.

C. Setting up the first ever Indian Business Museum with contributions from top 100 Indian business houses and public institutions such as ISRO, RBI.

D. Setting up the Yale University – IIM Kozhikode Centre for Excellence in Academic Leadership (CEEAL) as part of the Singh-Obama initiative.

E. Author of 8 internationally published books, including Timeless Leadership: 18 Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita (Wiley) and more than 100 research publications, monographs that draw on the core institutional mission of globalizing Indian thought.

F. Architect of Leading Schools Workshop that has been attended by more than 11,000 school teachers and principals across India. Prof. Chatterjee was instrumental in raising funds that enabled participating teachers to avail of full scholarship. He devoted personal time to teach in these workshops.

G. Has served as a member in several Government of India Committees including the one that has appointed the first woman to head SBI in 2013 and has served as a leadership resource person for the Chairman, Tata Group in 2013 and the entire Cabinet of the Kerala Government including the Chief Minister of Kerala in 2010

H. Pioneering institution building work in setting up two Centres of Excellence: Management Centre for Human Values in IIM Kolkata (1993-1996) and Centre for Leadership and Human Values in IIM Lucknow (2000-2007)

I. Awarded the Best National Faculty Award (Deccan Herald), Rotary International and Rotary For the Sake of Honour Award (2012) , Leading Director Award (CSR) and the University Gold Medal.

J. Conceptualising and Executing the 2nd PAN IIM World Conference in 2014 that forged the identity of 13 IIMs as one entity in pursuit of the overarching mission of Globalizing Indian Thought

International Teaching and Training Experience

  • Professor, IIM Lucknow since 2002 and concurrently Professor of IIM Kozhikode (2009-14)
  • Visiting Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • Distinguished Hooker Professor, Mc Master University, Canada
  • Visiting Professor, University of Natal, Durban South Africa
  • Visiting Professor, Reims School of Management, France
  • Visiting Professor, Universidad del Azuay, Ecuador
  • Trainer and Consultant to: Ford Foundation, Ford Motor Company, Intel, British Petroleum, Tata Steel, Motorola, Time Warner Worldwide, Frost and Sullivan, Infosys.
  • High performance Leadership Program at IMD Switzerland
  • Authentic Leadership Program at Harvard Business School
  • AVIRA Program at INSEAD

Administrative Experience:

  • Served as Independent Director in several Indian and International Organizations.
  • Chairman, Placement , IIM Lucknow
  • Dean, Singapore International Campus, SPJCM
  • Head, Center for Leadership and Human Values, IIM, Lucknow
  • Co-Convener, Management Center for Human Values, IIM Kolkata
  • Convenor and Director, Yale University-India Program on Higher Education for Vice Chancellors
  • Independent Director, GOA Shipyard Ltd

Professor of Organization Behavior
Founder of Center for Leadership and Human Values
Chairman, Placements

National Leadership Foundation, INDIA
August 2007 – 2015 (8 years)2007

Business School in Singapore
2007 – 2009 (2 years)Singapore

Academic Honors and Awards

Rotary International Ambassadorial Award September 1993
Awarded by Rotary International in 1994

University Gold Medal
First Class and First Position in Honours Examination

Fulbright Pre – Doctoral Fellowship at MIT and UST
United States Educational Foundation in India

Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Harvard University
United States Educational Foundation in India

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