PENNY WISE: Magic of Micro Excellence!

One has always been fascinated by the world of micro-excellence. I have reason to believe that excellence in any field of endeavour comes largely as a result of diligent pursuit of small things rather than one sweeping vision. One can learn this from the Japanese more than anyone else. A [...]


Personal mastery is a function of the quality of our seeing. Great masters in ancient civilizations were known as seers. Those great seers saw nothing magical. The uniqueness of their vision was that they possessed not only sight but also insight. The masters saw the world around them [...]


One summer I was watching the Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Accompanying me were a small group of Canadian professionals and CEOs who are gracious enough to identify themselves as ‘friends of Debashis’. In the summer the Niagara is a spectacle of terrifying dynamism. You can observe the [...]


This story is not about subsistence living. This is about voluntary simplicity. I decided one day to see if I could live in a city in India for a couple of days spending no more than 50 Rupees per day. That would be less than a dollar a day! The idea took shape in my […]

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