Excellence: One Secret Of All Professionals

Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, expect more than others think is possible. A resident doctor in a medical school sent me this note along with a request to share my thoughts on [...]

Frost and Fire: Relationships that Work

Workplace relationships often swing between frost and fire. Some days your boss may be on fire. He ignites fire, not so much within the hearts of his followers, but behind them. He drives his people on the tenterhooks of task: very much like a ring master drives wild animals in a circus into [...]


I have been watching my mind ever since I can remember. It is one of the most fascinating and perhaps the most rewarding occupation that I can recommend to those reading my post. There was a time I was experimenting with the art and science of reading minds (my own as well as those of […]

The Power Of Clarity

In February this year I was invited by the Said Business School in Oxford University to deliver a talk on leadership for the faculty and MBA students. Just before my talk I stepped into a convenience store close to the school to buy some essentials. A middle aged Sikh from Afghanistan manning [...]

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