Small Work, Great Love!

Lorna Chopra raises a dimple in her cup of coffee as she whispers: “I guess love is really blind.” I notice a mist in her eyes as I say, “No! Love is not blind, attachment is.” Lorna is still looking back wistfully at her relationship with her boyfriend. She is mentally back in Mexico as […]

IIM Bill 2015: An Optimistic View

A member of a Committee of IIM Directors that was involved in the first few drafts of the IIM Bill 2015, one had every reason to feel optimistic. It is not easy for the proponent of the Bill to be an opponent of it as the draft Bill has surfaced in a modified avatar in […]

Unfinished Business

It was one of the saddest Sundays of my life. My driver Ramesh Bahadur died very young. He was in his mid-thirties when a fatal brain haemorrhage claimed his life. I could not overcome the pain and shock to make it to his funeral. I sat by a blazing bonfire in the campus whispering my […]

Welcoming MBA Freshers!

THE FIRST TERM You have not been part of a competitive milieu like this. Cracking the first term courses would amount to drinking honey straight from a hive of live bees. Getting a decent grade from a stingy professor will be like extracting a molar tooth without anaesthesia. You will end up [...]

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