Can you teach a zebra algebra?

Today is Guru Purnima in India—the day we dedicate ourselves to those timeless teachers who have inspired us. I have often drawn inspiration from a certain mathematics teacher who I greatly admire. Her profession can best be described as mathemagic rather than mathematics. Students say [...]

Salaam, Kalam!

Monday 27 July 2015 6:30 pm. APJ Abdul Kalam goes up on stage at the IIM Shillong campus. He is preparing to tell students the story of our living and liveable planet. Within ten minutes, he collapses on stage and then, within an hour and a half becomes a story himself. If our lives are […]

Ecstasy: Being Human Again!

The drive to Esalen from San Francisco was magical. The spectacle of the Pacific Ocean coast unfolded like a motion picture on a giant screen before my enraptured eyes. It was my pilgrimage to the source of America’s human potential movement that has had a global impact in the fifty-odd years [...]

Choreography of the Unseen

How much time does it take for you to get up from your bed after you wake up? My research among several professionals tells me that for most people the time lag is about 30 minutes. What really happens in the interval between waking up and getting up? More often than not it is a […]

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