Basic Instinct

Our basic instinct is to be joyful–‘to be happy as hell’ my friend Sadanand would remark. “Even hell ought to be a reasonably happy place for you to want to get there—I humour him.” Sadanand’s colleagues in the office call him Sad Anand: his grim and melancholy eyes behind his thick [...]

Mosquito and the Elephant

Information absorbs our attention. An excess of information, therefore, results in loss of attention! Unless of course we take care to create greater capacity for attention within us. Let me tell you a real story of acute attention disorder! I am at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I [...]

Sleeping with your Ego

Yours truly finds the phenomenon called the ego enchanting. Like many of you one finds it fascinating when a television guru speaks about dismissing the ego in his discourse. Then, he loses his own cool when asked this inconvenient question: have you gone beyond your own ego? He must be a [...]

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