The tongue has just one customer, the ear! He sat straight. His head, neck and his backbone were aligned like a gas balloon popping up in the air from a cylindrical chest. His slit-like eyes were slanted towards his ears. The ears perked out and you could see tufts of hair inside his ear like [...]

Human Moments

Our biggest break, our most human moment is when we are born as a human being. There is something extraordinary about this human birth. Unlike an animal that is bound by its nature, a human being can defy and transcend his or her own nature. A lion cannot be a vegetarian (with or without a […]

Leadership = Plumbing + Poetry

James March, one of my teachers, defines leadership like no one else has. Even if you are not a plumber or a poet, you will get the picture. Leadership is a hard science as well as silken art. Plumbing may sound boring, yet is very essential and life giving. Think of the water that the […]

Monkey Mind

It was difficult to say who was watching and who was being watched. His dark Asian eyes met her blue-green eyes. It was easy for him to drown inside those aquamarine pools. When people begin to speak the language of eyes, words become unnecessary. The soul of a person, it is said, has a [...]

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