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To develop world-class leaders who are deeply grounded and capable of bringing out talents in others that they did not even know they possessed. Participants will themselves be inspired and learn how to inspire others so they achieve more than they ever thought they could. What will happen is that you will be given a powerful and proven set of insights tools and instructed in their use. When you practice using them and become proficient enough that they are second nature that is when you will find that the transformation has already occurred.


Leadership Discovery would explore the phenomenon of leadership from the point of view of sustainable followership. It asks why should anyone follow a leader beyond the limits of position, power and privilege? The workshop presenter will explore the core dimension of a human being as a creative source rather than a material or a mental resource. The presenter will bring counter -intuitive insights on five foundational elements of leadership. A one -day workshop on Leadership Discovery will cover the following five themes:

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1 Authenticity Solving Your Persistent Problem
2 Purpose The Secret of Goal Integration
3 Performance The Art of Undoing
4 Connectivity Triple Focus on Self, Other and Systems
5 Possibility Thriving in Uncertainty


The operating philosophy of the program is at variance with many conventional views of leadership and what it takes to become or create a great leader. This philosophy is outlined below and you should read it carefully. If you find your head vigorously nodding “Yes! Yes!” as you read it, if you find that it expresses ideas that you have held in diffused form for a long time, if it rings true to you at a deep level, then this workshop can be a life-changing experience for you and it will be one if you are diligent in following up.

  1. It is not the function of a leader to motivate followers. It is the function of a leader to find out what is demotivating followers and systematically get rid of it. This is not semantic hair-splitting. It is a profoundly different discernment and has many ramifications. Human beings are inherently motivated. Nobody ever starts a new job intending to be a disgruntled, disengaged employee. That is something that happens to him/her and is a systemic failure. This failure could be in selection, training, supervision, company culture or a host of other factors in combination.
  2. Much of what is traditionally defined as “motivation” is actually sophisticated manipulation to get workers to do what they are unwilling to.
  3. Incentives such as money and perks of various kinds and sanctions such as demotion or threats of being fired simply get persons to play the game. They may ensure some behavioral compliance, but they are not “motivators”. They do have their place but most companies tend to overuse them.
  4. Nobody ever gets up on a Sunday morning all fired up at the thought of “maximizing shareholder value” or meeting revenue or profit targets or increasing market share or any similar goal. It is the leader’s job to articulate a vision so powerful that it takes over the employee and makes him/her want to rush to work and do what needs doing.
  5. Obviously this cannot be done unless the leader himself/herself is inspired by this vision. This is merely the first step, however. The arduous task of refining and constantly, constantly, constantly communicating that vision in ways big and small lies ahead.
  6. This communicating is not a solitary endeavour. That would make it an overwhelming burden. It is the leader’s function to develop many who fully understand it and can do it as well, or better, than he/she can.
  7. The best, perhaps the only, way to release the motivation inherent in a person is to work to ensure that each reaches his/her highest potential. Most managers, unfortunately, tend to view persons as instruments by which they can achieve their goals. This is not a mind-set that encourages persons to unstintingly give what they are capable of.
  8. An employee does not have a “work life” and a “personal life”. He/she has one life and either it is working or it is not. This does not mean that he/she does not have challenges in one or more areas. It does mean that these challenges need to be addressed in a holistic fashion and not a compartmentalized one.

A person needs to be comfortable enough to be authentic at work. If he/she has to put on a mask at work – or, even worse, multiple different masks – then he/she is burnt out or heading towards burn-out.

It goes without saying that before you can teach anyone to yearn for the vast and endless sea, you have to experience that same yearning yourself.

The program thesis is simple: Do you get up in the morning with your blood singing at the thought of being who you are and doing what you do? Do you bring the wholeness of who you are to what you do? If you don’t feel this way, you are wasting your life and life is too short to be so wasted. The program is designed to be the first step towards reclaiming your life.

Please be aware that this radical transformation will not, indeed cannot, happen in the short span of one day.

Presenter BIO

Professor Debashis Chatterjee has taught leadership classes at Harvard University, Oxford University and at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), Calcutta, Lucknow, and Kozhikode for nearly two decades. He has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship twice for Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral work at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His published work include seventeen books including Leading Consciously (Foreword by Peter M. Senge) and Timeless Leadership (Wiley) that have been translated in several international languages.

Professor Debashis Chatterjee has trained more than ten thousand managers globally in Fortune 100 Corporations and over fifteen thousand school principals and teachers. He has served as leadership coach to political leaders and CEOs of major Indian organizations. He has served as Dean of an international business school in Singapore. A pioneer in the field of Asian models in leadership, Professor Chatterjee is former Director of the Indian Institute of Management, (IIM), Kozhikode (2009-2014) and a tenured Professor at IIM Lucknow. He serves as Independent Director on the Boards of several multinational and Indian

Companies. He can be reached at: dciimk@gmail.com and at www.debchat.com

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