Leading Schools


The leading schools workshop has been designed specifically for school teachers and educational leaders to optimize effective leadership and skills for the holistic development of students, and for nurturing schools as sustainable institutions of learning in a technology driven knowledge age. It aims to give participants insights and tools to build a learning community and enhance their personal effectiveness.



Through the uniquely designed experiential and participatory sessions, you shall:

  • Redefine and fine-tune your leadership signature.
  • Map the connections between leadership, students, school community, society and environment.
  • Recognize the challenges that you face as educational leaders of this millennium of the mind
  • Learn how effective leadership has changed and reshaped schools into leading schools
  • Enhance your skills for effectively managing leadership challenges of the millennium
  • Visualize future trends for schools of tomorrow
  • Establish a network with other school leaders
  • Be recognized as a school leader
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