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“The Original Voice  of  Life  is  Silence – All  Other  Noises of  the  World  are  mere Echoes”

-Dr Debashis Chatterjee

  • "Debashis offers, through experiential methods, an opportunity for individuals to experience the power of the mind through visioning, concentration, and focusing on personal and corporate change."

    Top PhilipsPlant Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • "A refreshing contrast to our conventional management wisdom"

    Professor Kenneth GoodpasterHarvard Business School
  • "Chatterjee will make leaders think more deeply about what it is they actually do."

    Mrs Kim CampbellFormer Prime Minister of Canada
  • Chatterjee presents and explains diverse threads of ancient wisdom teachings, relating these insights to the challenges of leading contemporary organizations. He does so with remarkable clarity, simplicity and persuasiveness."

    Dr. Peter M. Senge Management Guru MIT, Author of Fifth Discipline
  • “In Timeless Leadership Debashis Chatterjee returns to the leadership sutras of the Bhagavad Gita to explore the timeless principles of leadership that will enable modern-day leaders to discover the core of their leadership and sustain their effectiveness.”

    Bill GeorgeProfessor, Harvard Business School, former chief executive, Medtronic, and author of True North.
  • "Timeless Leadership provides a wide canvas for the young and emerging leaders to introspect, discover and chart out an effective leadership journey."

    Narayana N. R. MurthyChairman Emeritus, Infosys Technologies Limited
  • “Bound to become a true classic.”

    Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Research Professor, Yale University, and CEO, The Roosevelt Group
  • "Timeless Leadership is both timeless and borderless.  It is timeless because the principles of leadership espoused thousands of years ago are contemporary.  It is borderless because it transcends all situations of leadership dilemmas, internal conflicts and ultimate resolutions. My congratulations to Debashis Chatterjee."

    Prof. Jagdish Sheth,Marketing Guru and World Renowned Author
  • "Prof. Debashis Chatterjee has brought out a refreshing and inspired approach to the Bhagawad Geeta in Timeless Leadership through 18 Timeless Sutras. He has skilfully outlined the ideals of our modern society and their applications in managerial life."

    Swami Tejomayananda,Chairman and Spiritual Head, Chinmaya Mission.
  • "Timeless Leadership is one of the most profound books about leadership in ages. This book goes way beyond the typical questions about how to motivate people, or how to get people aligned with your vision for the organization. Timeless Leadership guides leaders in how to address the deeper questions of the purpose and meaning of life, and provides ancient wisdom for some of the most difficult challenges faced by modern day leaders. This book is both intensely spiritual and eminently practical."

    Judi Neal, Ph.D, Director, Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

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